Objective - Objective

IIFT’s main objectives includes : -

  • To promote skilled & education in fashion & textile connected activities and to unable students to pursue their general and technical studies to the best normal gettable.
  • To promote the perfection of strategies and evolving new and improved practices associated with planning and production of covering.
  • To act as authoritative body for the aim of consultation in matters of public and skilled interest regarding the attire business.
  • To be the middle of excellence on Fashion style & Technologies, Textiles Technologies and different connected activities leverage the advantage of recent means of life.
  • To make IIFT the “Fashion Capital” of Bharat.
  • To make IIFT one stop facility for practice in Fashion style &Textile Technology, as well as R&D and connected support services.
  • To carry out advanced applied R&D in Fashion style and Textile Technology to form the native apparel industry competitive within the world place.
  • To act as a nucleus for incubating new technologies in fashion & textile.
  • To work closely with Fashion style & Textile Technology business leaders.
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